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Company history

Although founded only in 2022, EPI Services is the latest in a large family of companies dedicated to the repair and maintenance of asphalt.

Indeed, in 2015, more than 7 years ago, a group of entrepreneurs embarked on a mega research project to create "THE" ideal cold mix recipe: their ambition was to create a product which would resist for "REAL" the bad weather and the incessant traffic of vehicles...

After several years of research and development, the mystery was solved and the iSphalt 6.5 was born. The first tests in 2017 were very conclusive: then followed a long process of development of the first production plant and also the steps necessary for the effective marketing of the product...

As the product is a cold mix, the experts are not very receptive to its initial acceptance. Through presentations, demonstrations and perseverance, the qualities of the iSphalt 6.5 have been demonstrated and its acceptability has come a long way! The Transports Quebec and the City of Montreal have accepted the product and are finally using it to carry out their asphalt repair work.

From 2018 to 2022, PAVTECH delivered many buckets of the iSphalt 6.5 to more than thirty cities and municipalities, as well as 10 Transports Quebec  service centers.

It was finally at the beginning of 2022 that the group of entrepreneurs decided to test the potential in order to offer the iSphalt 6.5 on their own in the form of a repair service.

The findings are promising and in the summer of 2022, EPI Services is born with a new project team invited to get involved: their mandate is to launch the network of entities affiliated with EPI Services in order to serve all regions of the Quebec... beware, EPI Services does intend to cover all Canadian provinces as well as all American states!

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