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EPI Services is a company doing permanent potholes repair and we operate 12 months a year: even in the snow or under the rain. 

We use our exclusive nanotechnology permanent asphalt mix to repair potholes or any other surface work without cutting the asphalt and we allow true traffic to resume where we did the repairs as soon as we leave the area.
Our product will resist to the frost/defrost periods, to rain and best of all, it becomes even more efficient when used into high traffic areas.
We guaranty all of our work for 6 months and we offer up to one year guarantee.

2022-08-04 18.56.33.jpg

Repair the pothole permanently in the winter when it still small and manageable, don't need to wait until the spring to do the repairs when the potholes become much bigger and did more damages to the asphalt.

2022-08-04 19.01.56.jpg

Repair the cracks in the asphalt before it become pothole and prevent the damage of the parking lot.

2022-08-04 18.59.28.jpg

Asphalt Skin Patching with the exclusive new advanced technology without cutting the asphalt, the repair is permanent with 6 months warranty.

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